I believe there are no accidents with the Lord, only promises that are all yes and amen. I joined CBSI in 2009 as I was struggling with the pain from many kinds of separation: separation from a 32-year of marriage, 8 years of ministry work, separation from some of my workers of 15 years or so, and in 2010 from the death of my mother. The separations were like experiencing one death after another.. The Lord promised His beauty for my ashes, His joy for my mourning and this period of mourning in my life came to an end through CBSI which I providentially joined around this sorrowful time. JESUS CHRIST of the bible became not only my Savior but my LORD-JESUS became alive to me as the Lover of my soul - the Husband who would not leave me and forever be faithful to me. As CBSI opened to me the study of the gospels - I would not ever have believed, had it not happened to me, that it is truly possible to be so in love with JESUS.

Thank you CBSI!

All Glory to my King JESUS.